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Why do an MBA? What is an MBA worth?

Building the foundation for the future

The majority of managers start off as specialists and get promoted into a position that requires them to manage people and contribute to the organisation’s goals and objectives.  There is often an expectation that, somewhere along the line, they will have acquired enough business knowledge to function effectively in that role.

At best they will know about their own department; but it’s unlikely they’ll have an overall  understanding of the whole structure and processes that underpin any successful organisation.  At worst, they’ll have no idea what the deliverables of a manager are and simply muddle through – not managing the outcomes or the people well.

When you combine an MBA with hands on business experience you have a combination that has significant value – and that value is reflected in your salary.

The Reason To Get an MBA

Put simply, MBA graduates have higher earning power!

The 2011 MBA Salary report will tell you:

  • How much you can expect your salary to increase by after graduation
  • Which regions and industries pay better for an MBA qualification
  • What the average starting salary is for an MBA graduate
  • What sort of remunderation package is typically available to MBA graduates
  • How your MBA stacks up as a return on your investment of time and money
  • What salary is paid for a general MBA, depending on the business school chosen
  • The relative salary ranges relating to the business school from which you qualified, industry in which you work and the impact of work location.

With the right information you are in a much stronger negotiating position.

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